The Trust

The Belladonna Creative Film Trust aims to provide resources and education to the film community and cinema-going public in the Canterbury region.

Amongst our objectives, the Belladonna Trust aims to assist short film-makers seeking funding by offering advice and support, and to assist community groups seeking to promote their work or their organisation by means of visual media.

Our primary direction is towards the development of a “grass roots” communication and support network for filmmakers, both accomplished and emergent. The Trust can also assist film-makers as an umbrella organisation for funding bodies, but this is not a primary function of the group and requires a case-by-case decision.
The Trust is a closed charitable Trust managed by four permanent Trustees who meet each month to manage its project and operation. You can contact us at

Our Aims

The information below is taken directly from our Trust Deed. Clause (2) reads as follows:

(2) The charitable purpose of the Trust in seeking to further the cause of education, will be to promote growth within and community awareness of the film industry predominantly in the Canterbury region.

In particular the Trust will:

(a) Provide the basic equipment, free of charge where ever possible, to enable people to produce short film projects and learn the skills related to film and video production;
(b) give free advice and support, and source resources relating to the production of short films;
(c) support the activities of community television and independent cinemas and their related communities;
(d) offer free advice and assistance to groups and individuals who are seeking funding for short film projects;
(e) maintain a library of said short films, videos and documentaries as a community resource, loans from which are free of charge;
(f) advertise and hold, free of charge where ever possible, workshops and forums for the education of interested members of the public in aspects of film production and cinema appreciation;
(g) act in the creation of community support networks for related media arts activities;
(h) support non-film related community groups by providing resources related to video production that may aid them in their community-based activities and self-promotion;
(i) provide other support and assistance consistent with the charitable purpose of the Trust.

Current Trustees of Belladonna

Our Trust has a primary goal of developing film cultures in the arts sector in the Canterbury region, and to provide a source of education and information regarding short film and film generally in New Zealand and around the world. The Trust operates an office and an edit suite in the Christchurch Music Centre.

The Trust is operated by a closed board, this is to say that we do not elect a new board at our AGMs, we simply elect the office bearers for the coming year. The current board has four members, but there can be as many as eight. Any person may put themselves forward with the nomination of one Trustee. While we are a closed board, we can still act to increase the number of Trustees, which is limited to eight.

The current board of Trustees are :

ADEN SHILLITO (Chairman/Secretary)






ALEXANDER CAMPBELL (in London until 2006)